Nine reasons why eXp was named the fastest-growing real estate company in 2021 and why you should consider joining:

  • 1. One brokerage and not a franchise: eXp Realty is one brokerage instead of individual franchises. eXp is not only in the United States but has expanded internationally and is the fastest-growing real estate company in 2021.
  • 2. Virtual workplace/Regis workspace:  instead of brick-and-mortar office space, eXp Realty agents, brokers, and staff work from home or anywhere. By using eXp’s technology, there are no commutes back and forth from home to work and work wherever there is an internet connection. Brand Inman named eXp Realty the 2021 Inman Innovator Brokerage of the Year.
  • 3. Innovative technology: We use cutting-edge tools and technology to collaborate with other agents and staff. One of the main tools is the eXp World, our virtual world where we communicate with each other through our own personalized avatars in a virtual online campus. It’s brilliantly set up with support staff such as accounting, brokerage operations, and human resources. 
  • 4. Live training and virtual courses: new agents are given a specific curriculum and outline for the first few months and are assigned a mentor.  There is continuous support with live, ongoing classes 50+ hours a week for all agents regarding social media, how to convert leads, becoming a top producer, and MORE! 
  • 5. Real-time support:  no need to wait around for an IT professional or be kept on hold over the phone — eXp’s IT and service support staff is available during working hours. 
  • 6. Sharehold options. Agents can receive stock shares in eXp’s Stockshare Holdings Program. 
  • 7. Ask about your CPA: at eXp, the commission model is 80/20 — 80% to you and 20% to eXp Realty, and once we reach the $16,000 cap in our anniversary year, we keep 100% of our commission per transaction.
  • 8. Revenue share plan: when an eXp agent brings a new agent into the company, we are “sponsoring” that agent and can receive revenue share income from the future sales from the sponsored agent, paid entirely by eXp Realty, not the agent. 
  • 9. Healthcare: starting in 2019, eXp Realty offered agents low-cost healthcare options. Some real estate companies do offer health insurance coverage; however, this is one example of eXp prioritizing us and our well-being. 
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